Net Zero Carbon Neutral Home

High Falls, NY

This Net Zero Carbon Neutral home is situated on a beautiful 20 acre wooded lot in High Falls, NY and has been positioned for passive heat gain. The 1,100 sf house is super insulated, very air tight (0.6CFM 50) with 1,000 sf of decks and enclosed and covered porches built from locally sourced rough sawn hemlock. This smart house has the capability of managing the lighting from a phone, using a Lutron lighting system.

The walls were constructed using an ICF insulated concrete form system. The roof is built with 20 inch deep parallel cord wood trusses which are sheathed, top and bottom with an airtight sheathing and then insulated with dense pack cellulose. The home is heated and cooled with a ground source heat pump system, also known as geothermal. A radiant heated slab throughout the house provides all interior heat. An air source heat pump hot water heater is provided for domestic hot water. An Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) unit continuously keeps fresh air flowing through the interior space. All of the windows and doors are triple glazed with a U factor of .2.

The home was built to meet LEED for Homes, EPA Indoor Air plus, DOE Zero Energy Ready, and NYSERDA Carbon neutral standards.

A lean-to garage port has been designed and will be constructed in phase 2 with an intention for photovoltaic installation on the roof.

Project:1,100 sq ft residence located on 20 wooded acres

Certifications:The house meets the following high efficiency standards:

  • LEED Gold for Homes
  • EPA Indoor Air Plus
  • Energy Star
  • NYSERDA Carbon Neutral Standards
  • DOE Zero Energy Ready

Garage Port Plan Drawings (project phase 2)

Garage Port Plan Drawings Level

Garage Port Plan Drawings Aerial